My Story

I joined Scentsy in the spring of 2011, shortly after getting married and moving out of my hometown.  I first learned about Scentsy through one of my dear friends after she started her business. She invited me over to her open house, showed me how Scentsy worked, and I immediately fell in love with the scents -- my first favorite being Camu Camu! Although I was intrigued by the products, I put the idea of joining the business on the backburner.

After my husband and I moved out of state, I started thinking more about joining the Scentsy business. It was partly due to wanting an extra income, a hobby - but also to fulfill a desire to have something that was completely my own. My career path hadn't panned out as I'd hoped and prayed, so when I wanted to do something I enjoyed that worked around my schedule, I chose Scentsy!

Over the years Scentsy has helped challenge me in ways I never imagined. I've made so many new friends and grown so much, but there’s still so much more I’m learning about myself. I’ve learned that it’s not only about choosing to overcome insecurities and rejection, but also finding joy in using the gifts God gave me to help others. I am forever thankful for choosing to join the Scentsy Family!

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Heather Stuart
Independent Scentsy Consultant

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